So What's It All About?

Following the success of last years  EnTech Europe launch, Solar Media is now organising its first EnTech Digital Series with a simple aim: to help develop a solution roadmap which addresses how digital strategy will be met — from the comfort and safety of your computer.  

Register for free to join our online panels and presentations on topics including; A whole system overhaul, flexibility milestones, harnessing the power of data, the rise of the internet of energy and innovation at the transmission and distribution level – among others

Key Topics For The Week:

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Flexibility and optimisation are on everyone’s lips, as we strive to meet net-zero. We are seeing a shift in flexible energy demand, and the emergence of countless tools which aim to help enhance and manage systems and assets as efficiently as possible.


Networks are undergoing a huge amount of change, as they try to find the best ways to manage the sheer amount of assets filtering through their networks as a result of renewable generation and technology adoption. We get to the bottom of what the DSO transition will mean for the energy sector.

Everyone’s talking about it; the challenge is to come up with fresh and useful insight. Open data, interoperability, privacy & cyber-security are all the buzzwords, but what the industry really needs is to develop clear guidelines across the whole value-chain, and really understand how to work with datasets.

Re-designing the system is key to ensuring a smooth transition for the entire sector, whether this is at a policy-level or regarding business models. A change in mind-set is also fundamental for many legacy companies at the forefront of the transition as they tackle digitalisation challenges.

We are facing a world where we have around 25 billion connected devices, a figure that by 2025 will reach 75 billion. IoT and AIoT platforms play an integral role in connecting, monitoring and managing the devices, platforms and assets that keep the system ticking over and functioning properly.




We understand that you have been looking forward to meeting your customers and prospects face to face, to create long lasting and trusted business relationships.

Novel virtual methods are now needed to meet your business objectives and we are here to help!

We are bringing people together and sharing great content because after coronavirus we still have to contend with climate change and the energy transition.

The world has changed and business relationships are being stretched, both businesses and employees are being forced to adapt fast.

Our novel virtual method allows you to associate your brand with a respected voice in the industry.

A unique platform providing an opportunity to generate leads, launch products, demonstrate thought leadership and provide valuable insight and training to the Storage & Solar sector.

Leadership and knowledge sharing are vital now as companies adapt to the new normal.

Solar Media provides an invaluable platform for businesses to come together, share best practice and continue to provide power around the world.

If you would like to speak at our Digital Series, suggest a speaker or a case study that might be of interest, please get in contact with us.