James Sprinz

Vice President, Strategy
Energy Impact Partners
James Sprinz
James Sprinz is Vice President of Strategy at Energy Impact Partners, based out of Germany. In this role, James provides strategic insight to EIP’s investors on the European energy and cleantech landscape, and supports the company’s European portfolio by fostering commercial opportunities with EIP’s partners. Prior to joining EIP, James spent six years at BloombergNEF, most recently leading the Decentralized Energy team from New York. James advised energy companies, investors, technology vendors and policymakers on the energy transition and how distributed energy is impacting the power system. James has written extensively about topics such as demand response and virtual power plants, distributed energy integration, and utility strategy. He regularly speaks at industry events, is quoted in the media and appears on TV as an expert commentator.
June 17, 2020
 - 15:30 BST (UTC+01:00)
A Whole-System Overhaul

Despite the urgency of climate action and the popularity of ESG as an investment theme, scaling cleantech start-ups remains challenging. Meanwhile, incumbent energy companies struggle to adapt to a cleaner future at a pace demanded  by their constituents. Energy Impact Partners (EIP) was formed to address this challenge. With over $1.5bn under management, we invest in the most innovative start-ups supporting the energy transition and connect them with our coalition of over 20 major utilities from across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. This presentation will highlight the technologies and business models EIP believes are critical for a clean energy future, and why strategic capital will play a crucial role in their success.